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Google: When to Rectify Websites Impacted by the March 2024 Core Update



Core Update

John Mueller, a Google spokesperson, addressed a query regarding the status of the March Core Update and whether it’s prudent to enact changes in response to it.

Reddit’s Inquiries Regarding the Core Update

Inquiry Regarding Reddit’s Core Update: The individual posing the question refrained from making any modifications to their websites while the core update was ongoing, opting to wait for its completion before taking action to recover lost rankings following a substantial 60% decline in traffic. They sought clarification on whether the update had concluded. “I was advised against making significant changes to my blogs while the main update was underway. Unfortunately, I observed a significant decrease in traffic—approximately 60%—and now I am eager to address this issue. In general, the Redditor’s suggestion to wait until an update is fully implemented before making adjustments is sensible.

March 2024 Core Algorithm Update:

The continuous adjustments to the complete suite of search algorithms are denoted as core algorithm updates. The Google Core Algorithm encompasses the ranking component, which encompasses a myriad of supplementary aspects associated with comprehending search queries and web pages, assigning varying significance to different parameters based on context, relevance, quality, and page experience, among other factors.

Moreover, systems like RankBrain address spam. The core algorithm encompasses multiple components, and the March 2024 Core Update is among the more complex ones, which could account for its extended duration. In his statement, John Mueller affirmed that the March Core Update is still ongoing.

He clarified:

“No, it’s not finished. It will be declared complete when it has completed rolling out.

Is it Preferable to Wait Until the Update Concludes?

Mueller then responded to the part of the inquiry concerning whether the user should delay fixing their website until the update concludes.

He replied:

Nevertheless, if you’ve pinpointed areas on your website that require improvement, I would advise taking action. The objective is not only to alter content for search engines. Enhancing user experience is crucial. Enhancing aspects can appease users even if search engines have not yet refined their assessment of your website.

John Mueller’s assertion that any time is opportune to address identified issues during a website evaluation is valid.

With a quarter-century of experience in the search marketing realm, which surpasses John Mueller’s tenure, I understand that rankings often fluctuate amidst algorithm updates. After an update wraps up, notable ranking shifts often revert. Making alterations before the update finalizes risks changing something that may not necessitate adjustment.

Yet, in this context, John Mueller’s recommendation to address concerns—such as paid links, as emphasized by the Redditor—likely plays a role in their adverse ranking alteration. Nonetheless, it might be advisable to wait if your strategies go beyond buying links or engaging in aggressive link building, such as crafting guest posts with keyword-heavy anchor texts.

Per Google’s documentation, there could be additional variations, and this specific update is intricate. Consequently, websites that encountered ranking drops may witness enhancements.

Per Google’s March Core Update documentation:

The deployment of this update might extend over a month owing to its complexity. Rankings will exhibit more pronounced fluctuations than usual during comprehensive system updates and adjustments.

Emphasizing User Experience, Mueller additionally recommends prioritizing website usability over search engine optimization. Mueller’s approach strongly advocates optimizing for users or website visitors.

Continuing from Mueller’s response:

Moreover, there’s always scope for enhancement, even if I need to familiarize myself more with your website. You can explore methods to broaden traffic sources, so if search engines reassess your site, the repercussions will be less severe, and you’ll be less dependent on search engine traffic.

This approach is also likely to encourage you to prioritize delivering value to consumers (as you aim for them to visit and endorse your site autonomously), which aligns with search engines’ objectives.

Prioritizing user optimization surpasses catchphrases such as “content is king” or “make your site awesome.” It constitutes a practical methodology for constructing and refining websites with considerable ranking potential.

The Navboost signal observes user engagement indicators and holds significant sway as a ranking factor, as evidenced by the current antitrust lawsuit against Google by the US government. Google is responsive to user engagement cues, and according to the Navboost Patent, one effective strategy to elicit these signals is by developing webpages that evoke favorable reactions.


In conclusion, John Mueller’s insights highlight the importance of addressing website issues, regardless of the ongoing status of a core update, to maintain or enhance rankings. While waiting for updates to conclude may seem tempting, prioritizing user experience and promptly addressing identified issues can lead to more satisfactory outcomes for both users and search engines.

Mueller’s emphasis on improving user experience underscores the significance of creating websites that not only cater to search engine algorithms but also deliver value and satisfaction to visitors. By focusing on optimizing for users rather than solely for search engines, website owners can develop platforms with significant ranking potential and resilience to algorithmic changes.

Furthermore, Mueller’s recognition of the continuous nature of the March Core Update reminds us that the SEO landscape is always evolving. Adapting to these changes and consistently improving website quality can ultimately result in long-term success in search engine rankings.

Overall, the key takeaway is to prioritize user satisfaction and proactively address website issues, regardless of the stage of a core update. By doing so, website owners can position themselves for success in an ever-changing digital landscape.


Certainly, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding website optimization and core updates:

What is a core algorithm update?

Core algorithm updates entail extensive alterations to the suite of search algorithms that dictate how search engine results are ranked and presented. These updates can exert considerable influences on website rankings and visibility.

How often do core algorithm updates occur?

Core algorithm updates occur periodically, with Google typically rolling out several updates each year.

Should I wait for a core update to conclude before making changes to my website?

While it’s essential to monitor the effects of core updates on your website’s performance, waiting for an update to conclude before making changes may not always be necessary. Addressing identified issues promptly and focusing on improving user experience can be beneficial regardless of the update’s status.

What steps can I take to optimize my website for core updates?

Prioritize user experience by creating high-quality, valuable content that meets the needs of your target audience. Ensure your website is technically sound, mobile-friendly, and optimized for speed. Additionally, focus on earning high-quality backlinks and improving overall website authority.

How long does it take for the effects of a core update to stabilize?

The effects of a core update can vary for each website, and stabilization may take some time. It’s essential to continue monitoring your website’s performance and making adjustments as needed to adapt to any changes in rankings or traffic.

What role does user engagement play in website optimization?

User engagement signals, such as click-through rates, time spent on page, and bounce rates, are important factors that search engines consider when ranking websites. Focusing on creating engaging, user-friendly content and optimizing for positive user experiences can help improve website performance.

Where can I find information about upcoming core updates?

Google typically announces core updates through official channels, such as the Google Webmaster Central Blog and social media platforms like Twitter. Staying informed about industry news and updates can help you prepare for upcoming changes.

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