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Why Can't We Ship Garlic Sooner?

Some growers ship their garlic as soon as it is harvested. This is a poor practice for several reasons:

  1. The customer is paying for water weight (as much as 30%), which in turn, increases the amount paid per pound by that same percentage.
  2. The garlic can/will mold if it is not unpacked and spread out to dry upon receipt. It can even begin to mold during shipping.
  3. The garlic's cloves can begin to rot due to excessive moisture if not allowed to dry and cure.
  4. Damaged/soft cloves sometimes develop after harvest, so bulbs with damaged cloves would be shipped out because they weren't detectable at the time of harvest in some cases. While this can still happen during the time between receipt of garlic and your planting time, it is greatly reduced if garlic is not shipped soon after harvest before curing.

What is the typical timeline for shipping?

This can vary greatly, but here's an example:

  1. Harvest occurs in the first half of July usually.
  2. The garlic must spend 3 to 5 weeks curing and drying, so it is not shipped while wet and so customers aren't paying for water weight.
  3. In late August, the garlic has cured. We then must cut it off the stalks, clean it, and sort it. This takes some time!  We often cut and sort to order so the garlic stays fresh as long as possible.
  4. At the end of August or in early September, we can begin shipping. We typically ship on Mondays and Tuesdays so the garlic can arrive before the weekend, and therefore we hope to avoid having it sit in a warehouse over a weekend.

  We now offer FREE SHIPPING: All garlic seed for sale is supplied by our small micro farm in Elgin Oregon - Greifs Gourmet Garlic!

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