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Seed Garlic

Greifs Gourmet Garlic offers seed garlic for sale to be planted in gardens or for production of garlic. We also create many different garlic products and our garlic varieties are wonderful for cooking.

What's the Difference Between Seed and Culinary Garlic?

  • Really, there isn't a set-in-stone difference. They are grown the same way.
  • Culinary garlic is often smaller than seed garlic, but this is a personal choice. Smaller bulbs often last longer in the cupboard than larger bulbs do.
  • Garlic bulbs grown for seed at 2 Sisters Garlic are from the same rows we choose our own garlic to eat.
  • Our bulbs are not disinfected, however, as they are intended for use as seed instead of eating.

We sell garlic bulbs for use as seed for many reasons which range from:

  • Our lack of time/manpower to clean bulbs to make them spotless and pretty.
  • Because we do not disinfect our garlic with cleaning agents, and don't want liability issues.
  • Harvesting later in order to allow the bulbs and cloves to grow larger (which can cause bulbs to not be as pretty or store quite as long, as they are intended to sprout and grow before winter begins).
  • Seed garlic is just plain our goal!

Unless otherwise specified, our garlic ships as whole bulbs (not broken apart into individual cloves), with dirt removed, but not brushed totally clean. We leave as many wrappers on as possible, although especially with softnecks, some wrapper loss occurs due to the allowance of extra growth time for larger garlic seed.

Garlic purchased from us might be brushed clean and pretty. Or, it might have some dirt still on the wrappers because we intend it to be used as seed for planting garlic.  This ensures longer storing and we are happy to hold your order until you are ready to plant as well.

Our goal is to remove dirt that affects weight, so customers are not paying for dirt.

Garlic "as harvested," left. Cleaned and brushed, right.
We do not typically ship garlic as dirty as the left two bulbs unless it's for large, bulk production with agreement by the buyer, or when it is labeled as such in the shopping cart.

Seed garlic, example of being lightly cleaned.

If you ordered garlic with the intention of eating it, expected sparkling clean bulbs, and would like a refund (before shipping only), please contact us immediately via e-mail (see the bottom of the page for contact information). To search for your order, we may need to know an approximate purchase date, the e-mail address used for the shopping cart purchase, and of course, the name of the purchaser.

 All garlic seed for sale is supplied by our small micro farm in Elgin Oregon - Greifs Gourmet Garlic!

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