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Gourmet Garlic Seed For Sale!

About 2 Sisters Garlic. Image altered from

Our garlic can be grown in your garden to produce fresh garlic for use in recipes, or planted as seed stock for organic garlic production. The many varieties we offer include hardnecks and softnecks from mild to spicy...certainly, there's one for your every need!

The Crew heads back to the field for more garlic Hanging fresh garlic up to dry Lori with her favorite, Metichi

Elephant Garlic seed plant

All garlic seed for sale is supplied by our small micro farm in Elgin Oregon - Greifs Gourmet Garlic!

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Call us at (541) 805-5074 Mon.-Thur. 7:00am-9:00pm, Friday 7:00am-Noon Pacific Time
71990 Gordon Creek Road Elgin, OR 97827


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